Are the links on your website optimized for search engines?

I am sure you are aware that all Links, both internal and external, are important to your website. However, there are two very important factors when it comes to Search Engines;

  1. they apply more relevance on the link if the theme of the page the link is on is similar to your website
  2. having your keywords in your backlinks gives them a better idea about what your website is about

With that in mind, here are a few FREE tools to help you check your links and the relevance of the pages your link is/should be on.

Link Extractor

Check the links on your web page

The Link Extractor is handy for evaluating the links on one of your webpages or an external webpage that your backlink is on. The detailed report includes information on the anchor tag attributes, the anchor text/html and a response check on the URL. (Sample Link Extractor)

Backlink Checker

The Backlink Checker is great for checking a webpage your backlink is/should be on. The detailed report includes relevance to your website, information about the attributes of the anchor tag for your link and other information about the reciprocal webpage (size, code ratio, number of links, etc). (Sample Backlink Checker)

Check the web page where your reciprocal links is for validity

Keyword Analyser

Check the content of your webpage against your meta keywords for relevance

The Keyword Analyser checks the contents of your webpage and compares them to your page title and META keywords for relevance. The detailed report shows the inclusion of your keywords in all the main "important" tags (<H1>-<H4>, <B>, <em>, etc) and highlights your keywords used in your page text. (Sample Keyword Analyser)

Online Sitemap Generator

The Online Sitemap Generator creates a sitemap of your website starting with one of your web pages. During execution, it will discover all links and attempt to follow the internal links for more links until it reaches its limit (currently 25 links in BETA). Once complete, you are presented with a graphical view of your website with interactive icons for each page found showing the details of the page (title, description, size, etc) and all the links pointing to it. (Sample Sitemap)

Generate a graphical interactive sitemap of your website
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